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Every and each image has its own story and here is a good story telling bulltin board.  Please comment and let me know how you like or not like about the stories.  Thanks.

Serenity 102 (Patagonia)

By KUANTUNG PAN, Jun 19 2015 08:07PM

Hiking around Torres del Pain area and along a glacier; the breeze is soothing, the hill is gentle, and the sunshin is exciting. I turn around in the middle of nowhere and see this red rock standing there with wild flower surrounding it. There is nothing special about the rock nor the view but just because there is nothing special about it makes my trigger finger itch. There are too many nothing special things around us all the time because we never have had the chance to stop and smell the roses. Only if we realize the significance of these nothing special, we can taste the essence.

Serenity 102 (Patagonia)
Serenity 102 (Patagonia)
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