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Every and each image has its own story and here is a good story telling bulltin board.  Please comment and let me know how you like or not like about the stories.  Thanks.

Pilgram 150 (Patagonia)

By KUANTUNG PAN, Jun 22 2015 09:15PM

I was born and grown up in Taipei, Taiwan, a sub-tropical island and I have never seen snow in my life while I was growing up. The only ice I have ever seen is from the refrigerator and the only big ice I have ever seen is from TVs. Patagonia is the first time where I have a chance to really touch and stand on top of the solid big ice. The deep blue ice could be soul deep. The crystal clear glacier water seems floating in surreal. It took hundreds if not thousands of years to form the big ice and the unfathomable sorrow I have is spending only moment on it to try to catch its essence.

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