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Every and each image has its own story and here is a good story telling bulltin board.  Please comment and let me know how you like or not like about the stories.  Thanks.

Moment 028 (Patagonia)

By KUANTUNG PAN, Jun 19 2015 07:45PM

In order to witness the gentle yet golden sun shine onto the famous Torres del Pain rock wall, we must wake up, get up and be ready around 4 o’clock before dawn and then hike a few miles uphill. If you turn around to catch your breath during the hike you will see a trail of headlights wobbling up and down the hill behind you in the dark like fire flies but in a much slower motion. Other than keep an eye on the time, you will also need to keep both of your eyes on the trails. First there is a forest, a dense forest. Even during the day time, you won’t be able to see much sunlight through the dense leaves in the forest and the temperature is much cooler in it. Then there is a sand hill. In previous afternoon the first time I hike up to the Torres del Pain rock wall I see quite a few people hike down the hill with bend hiking poles. At first I was wondering what happened till I come up to this sand hill. The hill is steep and the sand is moving under your feet. It makes you feel you are slipping two steps backward every time you move one step forward. I thought that is how and where the bending hiking poles happened. I was very wrong. I didn’t realize I was wrong till I come up to the rocky hill. All sorts of rocks; huge, big, small, medium sizes rocks built up the hill. With all the rocks you can hardly find where the trail is. Hiking poles can be easily bent here. I know I am right this time because I almost bend my hiking poles while climbing among these rocks. Rocks are hard and there are countless holes and cracks among them. A careless slip or pull a little harder, there you go it’s time for a new pair of hiking pole but not till you first get out of this hell hike. Then suddenly the Torres del Pain rock wall is there, right there, majestic and magnificent!

Moment 028 (Patagonia)
Moment 028 (Patagonia)
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