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Every and each image has its own story and here is a good story telling bulltin board.  Please comment and let me know how you like or not like about the stories.  Thanks.

Home 200 (Patagonia)

By KUANTUNG PAN, Jun 20 2015 08:09PM

El Calafate is a mid size and lovely town setting beside Lago Argetino. Though I come here twice and both times only for the bus station to transport me to somewhere else, I am thrilled with the townscape. Lovely homes are all around town and nothing more than a warm, cozy house intriguing a traveler who is far away from home. Try to avoiding the crowd during the day and take a stroll around town in the morning while it’s quiet and peaceful. It’s a feast to your vision and emotions. More often than not, we glance than really see, we glide by than really experience, we spot jumping than really travel. This is a place worth your while to see, to experience and to travel to.

Home 200 (Patagonia)
Home 200 (Patagonia)
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