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Every and each image has its own story and here is a good story telling bulltin board.  Please comment and let me know how you like or not like about the stories.  Thanks.

Fortitude 181 (Patagonia)

By KUANTUNG PAN, Jun 20 2015 08:04PM

Weather is the most unknown factor in Patagonia. One moment sunshine blanks the terrain and the next a storm could swipe water out of a pond and wet all over you. I spend close to two hours to make a final decision to hike up in the Fitz Roy area because the indicator on my barometer dancing up and down like a wild monkey on drug! When I come up to this living monument, I can’t help but admire it stands in this barren and rough terrain. Wind, sun, sand, rain and who knows what else are all inscribe themselves onto this tree. All we need is patience, a little patience to feel, admire and appreciate it.

Fortitude 181 (Patagonia)
Fortitude 181 (Patagonia)
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